Terms, phrases, and easter eggs that can be found in the story.


How the Story Came to be

In 2016, I found myself in the middle of a crisis. A divorce after 14 years of partnership was splitting my mind and shattering all sense of security and rational that had taken root. In that time I was struck with a metaphor: a divorce is much like an astronaut spending his whole life to get into space (being dedicated and meticulous), only to die the minute they exit the space craft (fate / something you can't calculate for). It was this premise that I took to Astoria, Oregon and gave myself the task to write the story and finish the artwork in just under a week before my return to Portland, Oregon.


The title is the only thing Quirran's body is capable of doing as the rest of his body is paralyzed. I use the "blink" as a mechanic to change his surroundings as the story progresses.

the Color / Colors

The Color is the sentient life force of the planet Keplar 3. It's a force that manifests itself in the form of a gradient of beautiful colors to the human eye, much like aurora borealis. It's a species that is clairvoyant (it states that it was given a vision of Quirran's arrival from its father's father), and is ultimately a being of good. At first, the Color communicates with Quirran through his helmet, impersonating the JUND's artificial intelligence as a way to comfort him. It then chooses to show itself to Quirran in the form of a wolf, Quirran's spirit animal, to try and ease his mind. Through this form it engages in a conversation with the human to negotiate peace and to offer Quirran to become one with the Color. This results in Quirran's form both physical and spiritural to merge with the atmosphere. The Color naturally emits sounds and tones soothing to the many species it has welcomed to join them. While its ultimate goal is survival, its true purpose is unknown.

Color is used throughout the story to help deliver emotional pacing and guide the eye to certain pieces of the story.

Quirran Godbolt

Pronounced "Quee-ran" is the captain of JUND, a vessel sent from Earth to as part of the REACH Program to find other planets to sustain human life. He was raised by a mother and a father whom both were scientists. They enrolled him early in NASA's youth pilot program, setting Quirran on his destiny toward Keplar 3 and his fate.

His last name is a reference to the bolt that he trips on exiting the craft. Paired with the word "God" to represent fate and to hint that the bolt itself is all-powerful.

Keplar 3

Keplar 3 is a planet 50 light years away from Earth (referenced as Quirran's duration of cryosleep). It's fictitious and not based on any real planet.

The planet itself emits tones and sounds like the ones Quirran listened to when researching the planet and ultimately helping him choose to bring it to the attention of the REACH Program. These sounds made by The Color, the sentient life form that governs the planet. Their clairvoyant abilities allowed them to determine how to summon Quirran to their planet. 


The REACH Program was founded by NASA in the race to find a new planet to sustain human life. In the year 2401, NASA begins the REACH Program as the light on Earth begins to dim for mankind, giving them 100 years to find a new home. Dozens of vessels were sent to the furthest galaxies. Most were deemed suicide missions. The signal received from JUND, Quirran's vessel, reclassifies Keplar 3 as hostile and uninhabitable. Their issued uniforms are red for interplanetary travel. 

Single bolt, bent and wretched

This bolt is a tool of fate in Quirran's story. No matter what he does, Quirran is always destined to catch his boot on this bolt and fall to his death.

A Wonderful Wave of Whispers

This refers to the intoxicating sounds of the Color that Quirran could hear as he studied Keplar 3. They called for him and summoned him to the planet.


REACH Unit 201: The hotel room number that I stayed in while writing blink at the Commodore in Astoria, Oregon.

Year 2581: The first four numbers of the address of the Commodore in Astoria, Oregon. The hotel I stayed at while writing blink.

Section 8:15: A reference to numbers from the show LOST, a series about fate and discovery.

62' 6.325": A specific number picked to give the Color more knowledge so the reader would believe in its clairvoyance.

Special Thanks

The people that I thank in the back of the book (both print and digital) are humans that helped me through a time of great pain and supported my channeling of it into something positive. I specifically thank Stephen King for writing The Dark Tower, a series that has shaped the way I look at fiction. The main character Roland Deschain is a complex hero that is very inspiring to me. I also thank Hans Zimmer and Christopher Nolan for their movie making and music prowess. Both of them were great inspirations for this story.